Johnson Production Group 

Starring: Sarah Butler, Matthew MacCaull

Two teenagers have convinced themselves they're not doing anyone any harm by counterfeiting money but it all takes a dark turn when their debt-ridden art teacher finds out they are using his classroom  to make the counterfeit bills. 


Feature FIlm 

10 Leo Award Nominations

Leo Award Winner, Best Male Lead in a Feature Film, Best Sound Editing

Winner: Best Feature, Arizona Underground Film Festival


Starring Matthew MacCaull, Dakota Daulby, Christie Burke

Jake Hanson is on a dark journey of self-discovery. A troubled teenager haunted by a horrific hunting accident, his reconnection with his older brother sets off a powder keg of buried secrets, paranoia and murder. 

"A chilling, highly believable portrait of a serial killer that is far removed from a typical horror film, focusing on the amoral psychology rather than the gore.psychology rather than the gore. It offers a serious attempt to answer questions about the kind of person who kills without remorse. Picture Trailer Park Boys as imagined by David Cronenberg and set next door to Stephen King's rural Maine and you'll be on the right track". 

Vancouver Courier

"Fascinating and complex characters and, of course, a real thrilling ride. Hard hitting and entertaining".

Kelly Masterson, co-writer Snowpiercer

"He (Matthew MacCaull) disappears into the character and is genuinely menacing, especially in scenes where he’s just sharing a beer with someone who is asking him questions. Definitely check it out".

"A remarkably authentic performance by Matthew MacCaull as a backwoods killer". Vancouver Observer

"Black Fly is a worthwhile crime thriller with some cool genre payoffs. The performances anchor this film… a terrific finale".

"The kind of slow genre exercise that seems to only come from independent productions while it can also be accessible and appealing to mass audiences. Extremely well-acted… claustrophobic and visceral as the actors achieve a naturalism that amplifies the tragedy at the centre of the film".  

The Now News

"The trio of leads and much of the supporting cast is fantastic... the movie succeeds on a great concept, some excellent moments of tension and violence but it thrives on the performances from MacCaull, Daulby and Burke". 

Quiet Earth

"Pumps new life into the crazy-guy-in-the-forest genre with a carefully plotted tale that gets grizzly in all the right places". 

Zouch Magazine

Led by the searing performance of actor-to-watch Matthew MacCaull and featuring excellent staging by writer/Bourque, "Black Fly" delivers raw gore and pure insanity at its best.  4/5 stars 



Lifetime TV / Johnson Production Group  

Starring: Sarah Butler, Matthew MacCaull

After surviving an attempt on her life, a recluse mystery writer discovers that her nanny has stolen her identity, forcing her to go through extreme lengths to get her kids back. 

You will fear and feel for Nomi... This is definitely one to watch. 4/5 stars

The Best Darn Girls

The series of  revelations and some outrageous drama makes this entertaining. Lindsay Maxwell brings out the psychotic part of her character quite brilliantly. 3/5 stars

The Movie Scene


Lifetime TV / Johnson Production Group  

1 Leo Award Nomination - Best Male Lead 

Starring: Josie Bissett, Sarah Grey, Richard Harmon

When Nora's son goes missing, her daughter is convinced that their new neighbor is involved. But, when the police won't believe her, Nora decides the only way to get her son back is to take matters into her own hands.


Richard Harmon gives an excellent performance.  It's an intense film that will keep you guessing.

Through the Shattered Lens

A relentless nature all its own. 3/5 stars

The Movie Scene


Lifetime TV / Odyssey Entertainment / Reel One Entertainment 

6 Leo Award Nominations. Winner: Best Female Lead

Starring: Brooke Langton, Stephanie Bennet

Lauren Renton, 40s, is overcome with joy when her daughter, Zoe, returns to her after being abducted 17 years before - but is Zoe really her long lost child?

There are certain directors who I'm always happy to see listed in the opening credits. I always know I'm going to see a movie that's better than the average Lifetime melodrama. Jason Bourque is one of those directors. It all worked. This is a fun and enjoyable Lifetime movie. 

Through the Shattered Lens

A nice look and some entertaining acting. 3/5 stars

The Movie Scene