Award-winning Theatrical Documentary
Thousands of private soldiers operate in Iraq alone and many more around the world. These individuals, known as private security contractors, are changing the face of modern warfare everyday while their world has remained a mystery to those at home. Who are they? What do they do? Why do they do it? THE RULES OF WAR HAVE CHANGED.  Narrated by Gerard Butler ("300", "Gamer")

Award-winning Theatrical Documentary 
“Music for Mandela” explores the role music played in the extraordinary life of one of the world's most important icons.  From Nelson Mandela's imprisonment, to his release, to the present day celebrations of his legacy, the music born out of his inspirational journey is commented on by his closest friends, former exiled musicians, current international artists and community volunteers, who use music today to motivate and educate. Combining striking visuals with freedom songs, pop music and hip hop, "Music for Mandela" is a stirring tribute to the man himself and to the ultimate power of music. 

46 min x 3 ep.  Docu-drama series for CBC, ABC Australia and History Television (UK)
Darwin’s Brave New World recounts the extraordinary and often harrowing story of Charles Darwin’s 30-year struggle to piece together the mystifying puzzle he saw in nature, and finally publish his theory about the evolution of life on earth.