SYFY CHANNEL / Cinetel Films 
A book editor must somehow stop Armageddon after he's given an ancient rod that gives him visions of the future. 

SYFY CHANNEL / Marvista Entertainment 
NASA scientist Tom Reynolds moves to Seattle to be with his fiancĂ©, Navy Lieutenant Emma Peterson. When an unidentified object is shot down by the military and crashes into Puget Sound, it sets off a series of strange weather phenomena: earthquakes, tornados, lightning storms... and they're spreading. Now, this new family must find a way to work together to save the city, and each other, before it's too late. 

SYFY CHANNEL / Marvista Entertainment 
Scientist Steve Thomas must risk his reputation and his life in order to save the planet from a huge dark asteroid headed straight to Earth.   

SYFY CHANNEL / Cinetel Films 
Starring: Stephen Baldwin, William B Davis 
On a secret military base a group of scientists have created a device that uses Dark Matter to eradicate the molecular structure of its target. But when the device malfunctions and a  scientist on the project is blasted with Dark Matter, he receives incredible abilities that allow him to control the weather, as the same device now threatens the world!

SYFY CHANNEL / Sony Pictures 
Military time travel experiments have been shut down and declared too dangerous. The lead scientist has disappeared with the technology and a manhunt is underway. When it's discovered he's escaping on an airline, the government orders the plane to turn back. But the plane drops from the radar, disappearing into thin air! As special agents try to locate the plane, scientists must deal with the repercussions from the time ripples that threaten to destroy the Earth.